Exclusive: Kris Bryant’s Dad, Mike, Talks to CI About Crafting an MVP Swing and How His Son Can Get Even Better (Part 2)

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out Part 1 of our four-part series with Mike Bryant, professional hitting instructor and father of a relatively popular baseball player you may have heard about. When we left off, Mike was discussing Ted Williams’ hitting philosophy, specifically in terms of the shift.  Now he’ll get ... More

Exclusive: Kris Bryant’s Dad, Mike, Talks to CI About Crafting an MVP Swing and How His Son Can Get Even Better (Part 1)

Unless you’re a Jeopardy contestant, you’ve probably heard of Kris Bryant. You may have even heard or read a little about how he worked to improve his approach and swing after his rookie year, making adjustments that led to a runaway MVP campaign. But not even the biggest Cubs honks have heard exactly what has gone into turning B... More


SOME THOUGHTS ON HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL With the explosion of club ball programs in Las Vegas , many of my clients have asked me for my thoughts on high school baseball . Might I add that these thoughts were 100 % unsolicited by myself . This is not just a local phenomena . There are a smorgasbord of organizations popping up all over the ... More

MORE ON K-ZONE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Much has been said about the quality of the strike zone judgment of MLB umpires but absolutely nothing has been done to improve it . It has largely been left to the umpires themselves as to whether or nor they are " bringing their A game " to the park that day . I have written and talked incessantly about the K-Zone , why we have it , and I ... More

Kris Bryant – Historical Night in Cincinnati

Nobody wakes up in the morning expecting to make history. Kris Bryant was in the middle of a " mini-slump ". Nothing new to him. Been there. Done that. I remember talking to my son the day of that game. He was frustrated. Not down. Confident and focused. I told him he has increased his chance for success exponentially because he was just ... More


Kris Bryant took home the highest individual honor in the MLB on Thursday November 17 when the BBWAA named him the NL MVP in a near unanimous vote ( one second place vote ) . Lost in the shuffle was the fact that he became the first player in the history of baseball to win the following awards in FOUR CONSECUTIVE SEASONS : 2013 NCAA ... More

The Kris Bryant Effect – The undeniable Success of the Bryant Hitting Technique

The Kris Bryant Effect With just under two completed years in the Major Leagues Kris Bryant has undeniably turned the heads of everyone in baseball. He has won rookie of the year, is a two-time Allstar & recently won the Hank Aaron Award and is favored to win the National League MVP award this year as well. During his rookie year, he hit ... More

K-Zone, Pitch Trax, Pitch fX, Robo Umps – Are we there yet ?

In My View The other day , Joe Torre sent out a memo to all MLB managers asking them to refrain from arguing balls and strikes in order to bring some sort of civility back in to this great game of ours . As if the integrity of an umpire is off limits to question ? We were then treated on the MLB Network to a beautiful montage of a dozen or ... More