Notable Quotables

December Notable Quotable 

Giving the pitcher an extra 2″ out of the strike zone increases the area of the strike zone by 35% . My strike zone , to the inch , was 22 X 32 or 4.8 sq ft . Add just TWO INCHES to that all around and it becomes 26 X 36 , a total of 6.5 sq ft . – 35% more area for the pitcher to work with . Give a Major League pitcher that kind of an advantage and he will murder you. – Ted Williams

December Notable Quotable 

“Balls hit IN THE AIR ( fly balls , pop ups , and line drives ) produce 125% ( 2 1/2 times MORE ) offense than balls hit ON THE GROUND . ”  Fangraphs Inc.

September Notable Quotable 

“Mike Bryant… has squashed the FALSE NARRATIVE that you somehow have to hit on the top of the ball to produce results.  It is nonsense and it’s wrong.” – Aaron Boone ESPN Analyst and former MLB player on Sunday Night Baseball

August Notable Quotable 

“85% of ground balls are outs. Hit it hard and hit it in the air!” – Mike Bryant