The Kris Bryant Effect – The undeniable Success of the Bryant Hitting Technique

The Kris Bryant Effect

With just under two completed years in the Major Leagues Kris Bryant has undeniably turned the heads of everyone in baseball. He has won rookie of the year, is a two-time Allstar & recently won the Hank Aaron Award and is favored to win the National League MVP award this year as well. During his rookie year, he hit 26 home runs, his second year in the majors he hit 39 home runs. In the postseason, Kris Bryant has batted .311 with three home runs & 8 RBI’s.

What is the special recipe?

krisbryant1280_d0qev9ty_yuxvltk4When Kris was a young boy his father Mike Bryant, former Red Sox baseball player developed what is now recognized as arguably the best swing path in the history of baseball. If a baseball is thrown at a downward angle, the bat must come through the zone at an angle to launch the ball in the air. While almost all hitting instructors were adamant that the swing path of the ball was down and over the plate, Mike Bryant was discovering something that would soon be undeniable. The Theory is to hit the ball into the air at an upward angle and out in front of the plate.

Mike Bryant’s swing philosophy is so sound, baseball players all over the country are obsessing over the amazing swing of Kris Bryant.



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