Joey Gallo

Countdown to Liftoff: How Joey Gallo and Josh Donaldson Embody Baseball’s New Era

The 1-and-2 pitch to Rangers slugger Joey Gallo last Sept. 17 didn’t signify the start of a revolution—it was more the Second Battle of Saratoga than Lexington and Concord. The first shots had come a few years earlier, igniting the greatest hitting rebellion since Babe Ruth (more or less) invented the home run. What happened on this pitch ... More

Harper – Gallo – Bryant – Did They Set The Bar Too High?

Much has been written about these three sluggers by sports pundits all over the country but nowhere can you find a piece from anyone who watched , coached , and/or instructed them through their developmental years from 8 years old through high school - until now ! These three kids all took a starkly different path to the Major Leagues . There ... More