Mike Bryant Explains Everything, Pt. 3: Pitchers Have Big Advantage, Potential for Bullpenning

The first two sections of my conversation with Mike Bryant, professional hitting instructor and father of Cubs “borderline superstar” Kris Bryant, established some truths about launch angle and also explained how his son has improved as a hitter. But that addressed only one side of the equation, which is what hitters are trying to do when ... More

Mike Bryant Explains Everything, Pt. 2: How Kris Bryant Has Made Freakish Improvements as a Hitter

In Part 1 of our conversation with Mike Bryant, we dispelled myths about the launch angle movement by establishing a few truths about what these players are and aren’t trying to do. The numbers we’ve all grown familiar with at this point are really just a product of trying to generate an upward plane with the bat. So rather than ... More

Mike Bryant Explains Everything, Pt. 1: Dispelling Myths About Launch Angle Revolution

Even if he’s only a borderline superstar, Kris Bryant may well be the perfect player for modern major league baseball. He’s won some of his sports’ highest accolades while playing all over the field and sitting for photo and video shoots, and he’s done it inside the fishbowl of one of the most pressurized environments in baseball. ... More


" IT AIN'T OVER 'TIL IT'S OVER ! "  -  Yogi Berra And let me quote a young slugger from Las Vegas who , at 23 years old , is one of only 3 left handed hitters to hit 40+ home runs in the American League by the age of 23 . He has joined the likes of Hall of Famers Reggie Jackson and Ken Griffey Jr. to accomplish such a feat . Pretty good ... More

Why is Commissioner Rob Manfred trying to speed up the game

-   why is Commissioner Rob Manfred trying to  " speed up the game "  when we are taught from the very beginning that we need to  " slow it down ?  " -   why do some instructors teach to " swing DOWN to make the ball go UP ? " -   why do we DRIVE on a PARKWAY and PARK on a DRIVEWAY ? -   why do coaches want their hitters to hit ... More