Mike Bryant

Professional hitting instructor

Why the “hit and run “philosophy will not get you beyond the high school level
Why “swinging down” on the ball is detrimental to the proper swing path
Words a professional hitting instructor should NEVER use:

“Knob to the ball “

“Throwing the hands “

“Squishing the bug “

“Staying back “

“Let it travel “

“Backspin “

“Back foot hitting “

“Elbow up “

“Hit the ball ground “

Hitting drills to completely avoid and why to avoid them

The importance of “Teaching what we see”

Implementing a proper practice routine to maximize retention and development

Why “angles” are of the utmost importance in understanding hitting mechanics

“Visual” and “Cerebral” techniques that assist in execution of hitting positions

If you want to hit like a big league hitter, you have to do what big league hitters do. You must think like they think. “Critical thinking” is an absolute for you to be able to retain and develop the skills that are necessary to play beyond club ball, high school, and even college. And even more important to be able to learn so that you can “teach yourself” what is the right advise and what is wrong advise for you to be able to reach your goals. What I offer is a “fresh” and completely comprehensive approach that works for everyone.

Our Son Kris Bryant

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